Sunday, July 31, 2011

5 day death build

5 day death build - 5 days, 3.27 hp kawasaki gokart motor, micargi royal modified frame. An almost impossible task to get a newly designed motorbike ready for the shiny side up Behind bars show in san jose ca in 5 days. These were uncharted terrirtories for us. Customizing a frame dealing with a stretch frame and taking an old engine and getting it to work in this new setup.However with due diligence, and creative thinking we built our first stretch cruiser in imperial style. From chopping the micargi royal frame's top tube and bottom tube to have a gooseneck and more rack to creating a custom engine mount and getting it started this build seemed to be overwelming from the start. This is not fully finished yet but we are close to the finishing stages. video


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